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How to use the electric vehicle charger correctly and how to use it correctly?

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The charging process of battery can generally be divided into pre-charging, rapid charging, supplementary charging and trickle charging.

1. Pre-charge

When charging a battery that has not been used for a long time or a new battery, the use of fast charging at the beginning will affect the battery life. Therefore, this kind of battery should be charged with small current to meet certain charging conditions. This stage is called pre-charging.

2. Fast charging

Fast charging is to charge with large current to quickly recover the battery power. The fast charging rate is generally above 1C, and the fast charging time is determined by the battery capacity and charging rate. Fast charging includes constant current charging and pulse charging. Constant current charging is to charge current with constant current. Pulse charging is to first charge the battery with pulse current, then discharge the battery, and so on.

3. Recharge

When some fast charging stops are used, the battery is not fully charged after the fast charging stops. In order to ensure that 100% of the electricity is charged, the supplementary charging process should also be added. The supplementary charging rate shall not exceed 0.3C generally.

4. Trickle charging

During the replenishment charging process, the temperature will continue to rise. When the temperature exceeds the specified limit, the charger will turn to the trickle charging state. In order to ensure that the battery cannot be charged, a comprehensive control method of timing control, voltage control and temperature control can be adopted.
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