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Electric vehicle charging pile with active filter function

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Electric vehicle charging pile with source filtering effect, card reader, charging pile holder, electric meter, touch device, inverter module and charging gun head, charging pile holder includes charging pile holder unit and inverter module holder, charging pile holder unit continuous electric meter, electric meter contact device continuous charging gun head, inverter module holder inverter module is connected between contact device and charging gun head, and electric meter also continuous phase line and zero line, The charging pile master the unit meter and card reader to complete the charging of the charging pile, and the inverter module master the inverter module to complete the unit power factor and low harmonic operation of the electric vehicle charging pile. The inverter module master uses the dual-zero proportional resonance master to complete the high-precision harmonic current master. The electric vehicle charging pile has the effect of harmonic suppression and reactive compensation, without external active power filter, and the compensation point is located at the back end of the meter, reducing the meter charging deviation caused by harmonic current.

The system, skills and charging pile of the multi-gun active identification and correction of the electric vehicle charging pile. The lamp number collecting module draws the charging gun number, user message and order message selected by the user; The message distribution disposition module disposes the extracted messages to obtain classified messages; The active identification and error correction module disposes the classified messages and establishes the classified message table; The active identification and correction module verifies whether the charging gun number of the reaction lamp number is the same as the charging gun number selected by the user; If the charging gun number is configured to be locked equally; If it is different, actively mediate and display the realistic continuous charging gun number, and configure the realistic continuous charging gun number as the locking status. It has completed the control of arranging and plugging in and out a multi-gun charging gun everywhere, and has effectively handled the problems of users returning the charging gun to the wrong position, selecting the wrong gun, unable to charge, charging the wrong fee, unable to stop charging, unable to leave, etc.

The cage cover type dynamic and static management electric vehicle charging pile, the charging host, the charging master with continuous communication with the charging host, the total power metering unit, the multiple power metering units with continuous communication with the charging host and with the charging master, and the multiple charging units corresponding to the multiple power metering units, Its characteristic is that when one or more of the charging units continue to the charging interface of the same number of one or more charged equipment, the charging master obtains the continuous light number and the charging construction message, and connects the power metering unit based on the obtained charging construction message, so that the charging unit can charge the charged equipment. The charging pile can improve the compliance of single charging pile, settle the old capital with diligence and frugality, and reduce the request of settlement garden.
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